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For Sits and Giggles

Posted on March 24, 2014 at 12:37 PM Comments comments (169)
Training should be fun! If you and your pooch aren't enjoying the training then you aren't going to do it. Plain and simple. This is one reason I strive to make my group classes and private lessons fun. Here are a few suggestions to make training your dog a happy experience:

1) Don't train tired or frustrated. If you are not in a good mood then training your dog will likely only frustrate you more. Set your dog up for success.

2) Make sure your dog is hungry (i.e. motivated) and not too tired or too hyper. Find the perfect training moment for your particular dog and pump the training.

3) Take advantage of mealtime. Go through a few training protocols such as come when called, sit, and shake before your dog gets his meal.

4) Use real life rewards to pump the training. Make your dog sit then do a trick before he goes outside or gets a toy or before a walk. 

5) Incorporate trick training into basic manners training (obedience training). Roll over, spin, moonwalk, high five, and crawl are all great examples of tricks. Tricks lighten the mood and keep everyone happy.

6) Train in short spurts. Five minutes three times a day is far more effective and enjoyable than trying to practice in a 30 minute training session.

7) Don't be afraid to Reset. If your dog is struggling with a particular cue then take it off the table and pump a few cues that your dog knows well then reintroduce the new cue again.

8) Use games to practice. For example practice come when called using hide in seek or practice drop it while playing fetch. 

*The key is to always set you and your dog up for success. Frustration is the enemy. Keep it fun guys and you will see the difference. Your attitude is directly linked to your dog's success.