Menoka's Dog Manners Training


"We frequently wonder what life would have been like had we never met and hired Menoka to train our dog. When we rescued our 70 pound pit bull we had no idea what we had got ourselves into, he couldn't walk on a leash, he had no impulse control on walks and had zero manners (but a good heart). While most people were initially terrified of this lumbering muscular dog, Menoka immediately saw him for the big hearted goofball he was and taught us how to train him using positive reinforcement. Every session we had, I could see him transforming into the sweet, well mannered, kind potato boy he is today and none of it would've been possible without Menoka."

-Ashley Olberding

"Menoka is a very talented trainer, who can quickly and easily have you communicating with your dog properly so that you too can teach your dog whatever you need."

- Charlie Sauter-Hunsberger

"Menoka has a way of getting through to your dogs almost instantly. What I really like about her method is that it is friendly and accepting of all kinds of dog (and owner) personalities - she finds a way to work with them and incorporate your style into hers. You don't need to be some mean ruthless dictator to discipline your dogs! She is all about rewarding their abilities and not punishing their problem areas. I would recommend her to anyone wondering where they should start."

-Dan Maguire

"Absolutely wonderful! Cannot say enough good things about Menoka! She curbed my 2 dogs jumping and barking in ONE 2 hour visit. Gave us tons of tips and was super laid back during the process. I HIGHLY recommend her if your dogs need help. She is GREAT at what she does!"

- Leah Michelle Dubin

"Menoka Bernardo is an amazing dog trainer! She helped me teach Lil Lady to sit, sit and wait for her food/going outside, paw, high five, lay down, and so much more!! She truly is phenomenal, I highly recommend her to everyone!"

-Andrea Gosa

"I recommend the basic manners package for all dog owners - even those with no specific concerns - because you will learn better, have fun, build rapport and a common vocabulary and solidify a team spirit. We're applying what we've learned to both our dogs at home and it's going great. We are so grateful to Menoka and so confident in our rapport with our now-adopted CJ!"

- Kelby Siddons

"We've had two sessions with Menoka so far and she is by far the best dog trainer I've ever worked with (as a former vet tech, I've had exposure to many). What I appreciate the most is that she truly understands that dogs are part of the family. She realizes many will sleep in our beds, be allowed on the furniture and generally enjoy privileges their human counterparts do. With that understanding, she teaches everyday essential skills in a positive, fun, rewarding and very effective manner. We adopted our third dog - a pittie puppy named Elli - a couple weeks ago, and started training right away. Ellie is already a master in most important commands, thanks to Menoka's patient, consistent and upbeat approach. Even being a former vet tech, I've learned a lot of new techniques from her that are easy and very effective! She has a genuine love of what she does and for dogs in general. I am so thankful we found her."

- Laurie Locashio McGovern

"At the time we began our training classes with Menoka, our standard poodle Raphael was six months old. Her instructions were clear and easy to follow at home so we could reinforce the class instructions during the week. While still an exuberant year-old puppy, Rafi knows the training commands and what he is supposed to do. Menoka is a great trainer and made the classes fun."

-Vernon Weiss and Zoe Ann Boyle

"When we rescued Lila from the Humane Society we knew we needed help. After careful research, we found the best trainer possible. Menoka met with us and helped us develop a training plan to meet Lila’s needs. She is incredibly dedicated and passionate about dogs. Her individualized attention always made us feel like Lila was her priority. We would recommend her services to any dog owner looking to develop a strong positive bond with their dogs."

-Maria Dolores